Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Adventure Begins

Friends and Family!

I am so happy to finally share some exciting news that I have been holding in: I have been given the opportunity to serve the Lord on the mission field for the next year! I have created this blog so that I can share with you all about my trip, updates on my life as I prepare for such a big step, my journey during my time away, and what I will have learned after submitting my whole life to the work of the Lord once I return home.

I know many of you may be thinking this is totally crazy and wondering why anyone would ever choose this, because I thought the same thing. The ONLY explanation is God.

My entire journey started about a month and a half ago when I attended the women’s retreat with my church. I never thought this weekend would be the start to an everlasting faith adventure with God…

I had been attending Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano for about four months before I knew God was leading me to move. I decided to attend the church's women's retreat in hopes of meeting some godly women that also attend the church. God was faithful, and I met some wonderful ladies that have poured into my life these last months.

Before attending the retreat, I knew God had plans for my future and that he wanted me involved in ministry. But in true God-fashion, I never knew exactly what area He would be calling me to. After the message on Saturday night, we had an afterglow, a time that goes beyond what was originally planned while we wait to hear what the Lord has to say to us. The speaker prayed over us and baptized those who wanted to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. After the baptism she challenged the audience, “If you really want to see the work of God then go to a prayer elder and tell them you want to hear from God.”

I know our God is powerful so I decided I would go up and ask to hear from God. I went to an elder and she prayed for me, stating some things that were true in my life and promises that I know God has for me, but it was more of a general prayer blanketing my life.

I went back to my seat, dissatisfied with the way it went, but I thought maybe God wanted me to find the answer on my own. I took out my bible and journal and began to write my thoughts to Him, asking Him to reveal this ministry to me, to be specific, and that I needed to hear a clear word from Him. As I sat there I battled with the idea of going up to receive prayer again, and after some prompting from friends, I finally went back up and this time the Lord spoke loud and clear of His plans for me.

This time, I was led to Michelle Randall, the pastor’s wife, and I told her I needed to hear from God. She was up for the challenge and began praying with me. We waited on the Lord together and as we were praying she said, “I am hearing ministry”. This was not a surprise to me because it was something God had already revealed to me. The next words that she spoke were what caught me off guard.
“I’m hearing Guatemala and Potter’s Field”.

Those words terrified me for two reasons: I have never thought of going out of the country, and I definitely have never thought of Guatemala as a place to visit. She spoke the words “IGNITE Program” I told her that I had never heard of the program and had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. We ended our time with her praying that God would be clear to the both of us on His plans for my life. After the prayer ended she told me that the IGNITE Program was a ministry development program with Potter’s Field and that I needed to research it and pray about maybe being a part of it.

            I researched the program, and my heart suddenly opening to the idea of leaving the country. The next couple weeks was an inward battle of whether or not I should go. Was this really from God or just wishful thinking? One question that a friend asked me when I was going through the pros and cons was, “Are you running away from something or are you running to something?”

That question was the first seed that was planted, of being confident in knowing that I would be choosing to run towards all that God had planned for me.

Let me tell you when the Lord is clear in His plan for your life, He is not just clear, He clears the way too!

After Him revealing it to me over and over again, I knew without a doubt that God was leading me to apply to the program. I obeyed and I was accepted!!


So on July 8, 2016 I will be leaving Southern California to be a part of Potter’s Field Ministries IGNITE. My journey will begin in Guatemala for three months of training, and then I will be sent out on the mission field to another country, which at the moment is undecided. This is a full year program of laying down my life and trading it all to see what the Lord has for me.

I am so excited for this journey, and my prayer is that through it I will be able to minister to all my friends and family. I hope and pray that you all see the great and mighty work of the Lord in my life and see that He can do the same for you- if you are willing to submit to Him.

He is always faithful in any way that we need Him.

With Love,